Exterior Car Care & Polishing

Your car operates in an environment that impacts the quality of the exterior .The exterior is sensitive to a host of hazards such as road salt, pollutants and bird droppings. Any and each of these elements can eat away at the cars metal, chrome and paintwork. Washing and waxing regularly will keep your car looking like new. The paintwork - which includes a primer and numerous further layers including lacquer - works together as a system so a thorough process should be followed to protect the final finish.
Waxing a cars exterior goes a long way toward protecting the integrity and condition of its paint job. Wax penetrates deep into a cars paint, where it attaches itself to each individual paint molecule and acts as a protective barrier to environmental pollutants and contaminants. A good wax job also reduces the damaging effects of the suns ultra-violet rays on a cars paint job and limits sun-induced paint fading. In addition, waxing your car serves the following purposes too.

Interior Car Care & Polishing

The interior of your car suffers daily wear which leaves marks and scratches on the trim and builds up dirt on the seats. Vacuum your car regularly and treat the dash with a protective product. Clean and buff leather seats and clean spills on upholstery quickly to prevent permanent stains. Keep in mind that regularly cleaning your car inside will mean that when you periodically send it for a detailing, the detailing firm will be able to devote their energies in deep cleaning and finishing rather than wrestling with the accumulated day-to-day dirt. Everyone likes a clean car and a buyer is likely to be more impressed with a car that looks well maintained
Whilst a good cleaning regime will ensure that the car is pleasant to occupy and will help in preserving the exterior, it is important to have it professionally cleaned on a regular basis. We use a comprehensive range of systems and topical cleaning products, designed specifically to address specific areas. The combination of the tools and products can in many cases achieve a far more thorough clean than those available in quick wash. Families in particular will know how tough children can be on car interiors, with feet marks on dashboards and on the rear of the front seats.

Haze Off Car Headlight

As plastic headlight lenses gained foothold over the last decade, so did the notion of hazy, opaque headlights. This issue is especially apparent on cars that are not babied all the time. There are various ways however to make your headlight bright and transparent again.
You can of course always take your headlight to a professional who will clean and polish the surface of polycarbonate lenses mechanically. But you won’t find these specialists everywhere, and sometimes it just feels right to fix something yourself – or perhaps you cannot afford or you are not willing to pay for the professional refurbishment .

Engine Dry cleaning

This deal is for the car owner who cares about his vehicle! Cleaning your car engine is very important to ensure your car stays strong for a very long time. However, washing it will only leave it dirty all over again as soon as you step out of the bay.
So why not stop at Car Care and have your engine dry cleaned, they provide detailed and professional engine dry cleaning services that will surely lengthen your cars lifespan.

RIM cleaning

Cleaning your wheels and tires regularly is not just an appearance issue – it’s preventative maintenance!
If you allow brake dust to sit on your wheels for a prolonged period of time, it can eat into the coating (if there is one) and pit the metal. Brake dust is made of an adhesive and carbon fibers that come off the brake pad and tiny metal shavings from the rotor. The intense heat and friction generated by the wheels makes this mixture highly corrosive. Because you probably drive every day, more brake dust is constantly being made. Frequent cleaning is the only way to keep your wheels safe. A good start is the Pinnacle Concours Wheel and Tire Kit! Check out our Tire & Wheel Care Page for more excellent tire and wheel products.


Removing car paint oxidation is an easy DIY job that we can do in a couple of hours. Oxidation occurs when the paint is not properly protected, and it can leave your vehicle looking years older than it actually is, with an unsightly white or chalky film. You dont have to change the color of your car to clean up the oxidized areas, and it requires no car paint removal at all. A few supplies from the store, some towels and some elbow grease will have the old paint job looking as good as new in no time at all.

Nylon seat covering

Ballistic nylon was developed to protect WWII airmen from flying debris and shrapnel fragments. Today, its used for luggage, tool belts, motorcycle jackets and, now, custom-fit seat covers. The 1680 denier fabric gives your seats heavy-duty protection from kids, pets, dirt and damage -- in fact, its the toughest seat cover material we have found. They wont snag or tear, and a waterproof inner coating keeps moisture from soaking through. Spot-clean and air dry. Available in Black, Dark Gray or Tan. Made in the USA and backed by one-year warranty.

Shampoo Leather Seat Cover

High-end car manufacturers install leather seat cover on car to make it perfectly sophisticated in look. Leather is a porous natural material. It can easily absorb perspiration, odor, dirt, oil, and grime. If proper care and cleaning are not given the leather seat will prematurely look ugly and old. There are two essential elements that may damage the leather seat—heat and sunlight. Both will quickly result to damage causing the leather to crack or fray. Therefore it needs careful handling and maintenance to keep the appearance always fresh.
Leather cleaning for the car seat depends on how often you drive the car and how long it is exposed to the sun. With these elements, you can decide to have your leather seat cleaned after three months. This helps in retaining the good quality and appearance of the leather. It needs attention and care otherwise it gets damaged if proper cleaning is not maintained. If you have time constraints and you are not able to do the cleaning, then the role of specialist services can be relied on.